Dear Brothers and Sisters!

We have on sale a beautiful folding wall-mounted Orthodox Calendar 2021 with an indication of all the holidays and fast days.

This is a wonderful gift for your loved ones! The colourful Calendar will decorate your home and become a valuable tool in the Orthodox Christian’s life.

All money from the sale of the Calendar will go for a good cause – the renovation of the Church House.

The cost of the Calendar is $ 25.
You can buy it in the Church Shop (LAVKA). The Shop and Candle stand are open during the week days and on weekends.

You can make a Transfer to the email:
marked “Calendar 2021”.

For more information about the possibility of delivery and working days of the Church Shop (Lavka), please call:

(647) 969-9400 – Alexandra Semenova
If Alexandra is unavailable, please leave your text or voice message, she will call you back.

By purchasing products and candles in the Cathedral, you are helping your Church!

God bless you!

Orthodox Calendar 2021
Orthodox Calendar 2021
Orthodox Calendar 2021
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