Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We accept prayer lists of names for “Living” and “Departed” for any donation to the church.
In your list, you can include candles of any size for $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, which priest will place in the cathedral during the service.

You can make your donation via e-Transfer by sending money to the email:
The sent amount will be automatically credited to the account, no password is needed for the transfer.

To send your list of names, please contact one of the priests:

Rector, Archpriest Vasily Kolega
(416) 522-5237

Archpriest John Shandra
(647) 859-9119

Priest John Symchyna
(647) 998-4743

All our services are broadcast online on Cathedral YouTube channel according to the schedule on our website.

We have a new INSTAGRAM account.

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God Bess You and Your Families!