Вербное Воскресенье

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

The Lord Is in Our Midst!

The Divine Liturgy of the Lord’s Entrance to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) on April 12, 2020 will be broadcast from the Christ the Saviour Cathedral which you can watch live on the Cathedral’s Facebook page starting at 10 AM.


Cathedral will be closed during the service.

Only Priests are allowed to stay in the church, church council and/or choir members, and parishioners – are not blessed to enter the temple.

We ask everyone to stay at home and watch the broadcast.

Hymns and Prayers of Palm Sunday

Apolytikion: First Tone

By raising Lazarus from the dead before Your passion, You did confirm the universal resurrection, O Christ God! Like the children with the palms of victory, we cry out to You, O Vanquisher of death: Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord!

Apolytikion: Fourth Tone

As by baptism we were burried with Thee, O Christ our God, so by Thy Resurrection we were deemed worthy of immortal life; and praising Thee, we cry: Hosanna in the highest; blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord.

Kontakion: Plagal of the Second Tone

Sitting on Your throne in heaven, carried on a foal on earth, O Christ God. Accept the praise of angels and songs of children who sing: Blessed is He that comes to recall Adam.