The Myrrh-Streaming Icon of Saint Anna from The Monastery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, PA, US and Particles of Relics of the Saints – Venerable Seraphim of Sarov, Joachim and Anne, Demetrius of Salonica (myrrh-streaming!!!), and piece of the PRECIOUS and LIFE-GIVING CROSS are visiting Christ the Saviour Cathedral on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th 2019.


At 8:30 am – greeting miraculous icon of St. Anne, moleben.

At 9:30 am – greeting the bishop.

At 10:00 am, in the presence of the Miraculous Icon, the Hierarchal Liturgy will be held in Slavonic and English.
Vladyka Irinee will also serve the Molieben to the St. Anna.

At 1:00 pm – lunch for guests and parishioners.

At 2:00 pm – small lecture about the history of the Miraculous Icon.

At 3:00 pm – Akathist to the St. Anna.

At 5:00 pm – the Vigil and than.


At 10:00 am – Liturgy.

At 12:00 pm – Molieben.

At 4:00 pm – farewell with the Miraculous Icon.

The image was commissioned by Father Athanasy in the 1990s, in the Mount of Olives Convent in Jerusalem. In 1998, when the Icon was completed, it was blessed at the Sepulcher of our Lord in the Jerusalem Church of the Resurrection, and brought to Philadelphia.

On Mothers Day in 2004 the Icon, which was then displayed at the Russian Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Joy of All Who Sorrow in Philadelphia, began to stream myrrh.

Accumulations of the liquid were seen on the cuff on Saint Anna’s left hand and on her left shoulder.  Droplets were also found elsewhere on the icon.  More recently small, slow-moving streams of myrrh have appeared on other parts of the icon.
The icon has been enshrined at Saint Tikhon’s Monastery since the fall of 2012.  Currently, it is not weeping, but it continues to produce miraculous help and healings, according to the monastery.